by Vincent Alonzo | December 14, 2017
If the Cleveland Browns, currently 0-11, lose their last five games and have a winless season, Browns fan Chris McNeil is arranging a parade for fans around FirstEnergy Stadium where the NFL team plays its games. This is the second year in a row McNeil has organized the parade. Last year, the parade was all set to go when the Browns won a game on Christmas Eve. Instead of the parade, the $50,000 raised to hold it was donated to the Cleveland Food Bank.
ESPN reported Browns' spokesperson, Peter John-Baptiste, as saying: "Last year a Browns win canceled the parade and resulted in helping feed some citizens in need. That was a positive result."

This year, the parade has even gotten a sponsor, headache medication Excedrin. Karyn Previdi, a spokesperson for GlaxoSmithKline, the parent company of Execedrin, told ESPN that the company saw the event as a fun way to "help the Browns suffer less during another rough season." 

The Browns home finale will be this Sunday against the Ravens, and McNeil will be in the stands, according to ESPN. 

"I'm hoping they win a game, but if they don't it's a nice hedge to have this," he told the sports outlet.