by Andrea Doyle | September 17, 2018
Misty Hyman wows audiences with her inspirational story of winning an Olympic gold medal in 2000 in Sydney, Australia for swimming. In a stunning upset, she beat world-record-holder Susie O'Neill in the 200-meter butterfly.
"If we take the things we think are the worst things that can possibly happen in our lives, and we look at them the right way and we turn them around, they turn out to big opportunities," says Hyman. "And we can find a way to make ourselves better because of them."

Hyman faced challenges along the way to her Olympic success. In 1996, she missed making the Olympic team by three one-hundredths of a second. Then in 1998, the international governing body of swimming changed a rule that limited a technique that was Hyman's trademark. To win the gold, Hyman developed a new swimming technique called the underwater dolphin kick. She shares this with groups as a way to emphasize the importance of innovation on the road to success.

"What a great story of perseverance, adaptation and teamwork," says Jason Klonoski, of Arizona's The Charro Foundation. "Misty had our audience of 400 students, teachers, administrators and community leaders on the edge of their seats. She was gracious, knowledgeable, spun her content to fit our audience, and most important, fun. I would recommend her to any type of audience, be it civilian, military, corporate or non-profit. The crowd loved her."

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