by Andrea Doyle | July 16, 2018
David Meade enthralled as the keynote speaker during Hosts' Global, a global alliance of select destination management companies (DMCs), Global Forum held in June in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He held the attention of the 200 industry leaders in attendance as he read the minds of many.

Meade has an immersive style, often leaving the stage to have real-time dialogue with the audience. He offers actionable takeaways that can transform personal and professional performance. In sessions filled with energy, learning and laughter, he proves how simple psychological principles can make you more persuasive, motivated, resilient, and successful.

His background is extensive. He held leadership and strategic positions in Europe and the United States before returning to Ireland where he became a lecturer and researcher in International Business and Strategy with the University of Ulster. One of the most recognizable faces in his native Ireland, he is also a popular TV celebrity with BBC shows including Million Dollar Bet, The David Meade Project and The Gift Live Specials. He has also built a reputation as a sought-after motivational and organizational speaker, trainer and facilitator. He works internationally with companies including Apple, PwC, Harvard and Bank of America as well as many associations.

Meade's debut book, Think Like A Mindreader, which explores the science of getting inside the minds of customers and colleagues, will be released in September. To see Meade in action and to get information about booking him for your next gathering, go to or connect with him on Twitter.