by Andrea Doyle | May 15, 2018
Dave Alwan, owner and founder of Echo Valley Meats, a retail meat company specializing in butcher-shop-quality products, has one guiding mantra: "You get what you work for, not what you wish for." A third-generation farmer and cattleman, Alwan today motivates  groups with his professional success story.

Swimming With Sharks

Alwan's desire to grow his business, coupled with a spur-of-the-moment decision, led him to a Shark Tank audition in Los Angeles. After standing in line for 17 hours with 5,000 other competitors, he got his two minutes with the producer. He was asked to create a 20-minute video about his product, which he did surrounded by 100 cows on his farm. It worked.
"Next thing I know, I am on a backlot grilling filets, cooking brisket, ham, summer sausage so the staff could taste my product," says Alwan, whose segment aired in 2012.

Although the show's team members loved the product, they were not impressed with his business plan. While he wasn't able to strike a deal, exposure from the show led to a 600 percent spike in his online sales.

A Speaking Career Is Born

The exposure also served as the catalyst to his speaking career, as requests to speak at organizations across the country poured in.

"I am blessed to have the opportunity to use my challenges and triumphs to inspire others," he says. "It's all about paying it forward and giving back."

Alwan was invited back on Shark Tank two years later and this time he struck a deal with billionaire investor Mark Cuban. It was his second appearance that allowed Alwan to expand into the corporate gifts and incentives market.

Today, his path to success and his mission in life serves an inspirational story for business owners, management, and employees. He asks his audience several leading questions, such as, "What is it that drives a person to sacrifice and work harder than others to achieve their goals?" and "What is it that pushes someone beyond the limits of pain, exhaustion, grief, or other life challenges?"

The answer, according to Alwan, is passion. To inspire others to ignite their own, he shares not only the passion he has for his company, but also his journey to success.  

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