by Andrea Doyle | November 21, 2014
"Events that have goodwill attached to them are more relevant now," says Arthur Backal, CEO and founder of Backal Management Group, which manages all events at Apella and oversees catering for the Mandarin Oriental New York. "Groups are not having parties just to have parties. They have a purpose with a charitable goal attached."

This trend--"Party with a Purpose"--is one which Backal and his team predict will continue in 2015. Other trends they predict will be big next year include the following:

Mobile Photography
"It allows hosts to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, bringing both stationary and candid poses to life," says Backal. Photo booths have saturated the market and will wane in popularity next year, he predicts.

Bringing Team Building to the Next Level

Participating in stale interactive activities to bond with your colleagues is out. "Companies are headed towards a visionary future and teams are bonding by discussing the future trends in illustrative and creative ways. An example is painting a picture of each member's vision for the future."

Make it Metallic
Traditional décor colors are being replaced by metallic colors, luxe textures, and mixed metals to create a chic palette.

Display Large Image Projections
Traditional lighting and coloring is mundane. Events are kicking it up a notch with oversized image projections on the walls, which visually overhaul the entire atmosphere.

Utilize Walls, Floors, Windows for Innovative Messaging
Branded messaging and directional signage on standard easels are so last year. What's in is utilizing walls, floors, windows, and even stairs to create innovative messaging. Traditional posters on easels are being replaced by floor stickers, clings, and 3D objects.