by Matt Alderton | January 09, 2013
Virtual events provider ON24 has introduced a new tool with which to create interactive online video presentations, it announced today.

Called Elite Presentations, the new tool is a sibling to the company's do-it-yourself webcasting solution, Webcast Elite. Designed with marketing and training applications in mind, it features a simple software interface that lets users easily record a presentation — incorporating slides, audio and video — then publish it for viewing through a custom branded console.

"Creating online video presentations is a very time-consuming and difficult experience," said ON24 Chief Product Officer Jayesh Sahasi. "Just as with Webcast Elite, which made high-end, full-featured webcasting accessible for the typical enterprise user, ON24 now aims to change the game for online video presentations. With Presentations, you upload a PowerPoint deck, record or edit an audio track for each slide using just your telephone and a web browser, and publish to an interactive online video experience in minutes."

In addition to presentation creation and publishing, Elite Presentations allows users to create customized registration pages and review real-time analytics, including time spent viewing the presentation, content downloaded, poll and survey responses, and Q&A results.

"Elite Presentations, a powerful communications application for marketing and training departments, is incredibly easy to use, and the user experience for participants is unsurpassed," said ON24 CEO Sharat Sharan. "We are, in effect, redefining enterprise video, offering interactive, on-demand experiences using [our proprietary] technology. With Elite Presentations, customers can deliver interactive content to thousands of viewers with the same reliability and scale that make ON24 the world's virtual communications leader."

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