by Deanna Ting | March 26, 2013
On Tuesday, March 26, La Jolla, CA-based Zoomkube debuted its newest large-scale, 55-inch screen interactive touch display product, the ZK100. The kiosk, which is equipped with wheels as well as outdoor heating/cooling features, also features a 55-inch digital platform with which people can interact as they would with a touchscreen on their mobile phones or tablets.

Zoomkube Vice President Christian Mouritzen describes the units as a “turn-key plug and play” solution for companies and organizations. The stand-alone mobile touch display kiosk can be customized by different organizations using Zoomkube’s scalable technology and flexible, proprietary content management solutions-based software for a variety of uses, including conventions, outdoor retail displays, and much more. Because the software tracks date in real time, it also delivers real-time feedback regarding users’ activities and contact information. 

“The Zoomkube ZK100 demonstrates the next level of brand touch-campaign innovation,” says Mouritzen. “With the strong increase in smartphones and tablets, consumers are used to interacting with brands through touch experiences, but the cost of custom apps limits the number of brands who can afford it. With Zoomkube, brands now have a cost-efficient alternative to engage consumers through interactive brand experiences.”

Meeting and convention planners can rent these units from Zoomkube for varying costs, and the units will initially roll out in five major metropolitan regions: Chicago, Southern California, Northern California, Dallas, and New York.

Additional features of the ZK100 include a built-in camera for apps that involve image sharing; badge scan abilities; and Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity.

Mouritzen believes the product will be in demand not only among convention or tradeshow organizers but also among meetings groups that seek an interactive and cost-effective model for educating attendees.