by Matt Alderton | January 31, 2013
Florida entrepreneurs Patrick Denney and Miguel Elasmar have created a new iPhone app that helps companies and employees calculate the cost of time spent by groups or individuals in meetings, conference calls or other events, they announced this week.

Called "Meetr," the app — available for download in the iTunes App Store — works by allowing the user to input their meeting attendees and estimated salary, providing a running total of the cost of time spent during a particular event, expressed in both time and dollars. Further, a "history" function keeps a grand total for all meetings completed within an organization's lifetime.

Results can be shared as CSV files for use with spreadsheets, graphs or even anonymously via Twitter.

"Using Meetr is simple — drop in the salaries of your employees, fire up the app and you'll see in real time just how much that meeting is costing your company in terms of wages," reads a Meetr press release. "Many first-time Meetr users are shocked to see just how expensive a 'quick 15-minute meeting' is. Designed not just as a tracking tool, Meetr will spur productivity and provide an active motivator to keep meetings on-task and on-point."

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