by Matt Alderton | July 25, 2017
Exhibitors are perpetually looking for a new, better way to capture leads at trade shows and conferences. The latest company to answer their call is sales and marketing solutions provider Lead Liaison, which yesterday announced the launch of GoCapture!, which it describes as the "first ever, fully integrated lead capture app" for meetings and events.

Scheduled for public release this fall, GoCapture! will give exhibitors the ability to capture leads using any of three different features:

• Mobile submission form: Attendees who visit a company's booth can manually fill out the form using a smartphone or tablet.

• Business card transcription portal: Exhibitors can take a photo of an attendee's business card and transcribe the information from it at a later time using a self-service transcription portal. Or, they can use Lead Liaison's paid transcription service to transcribe business cards for them.

• Optical character recognition (OCR):
 Exhibitors can use GoCapture!'s OCR technology to scan business cards and automatically capture information from them.

Whatever method they choose, the leads exhibitors capture at events will integrate fully both with Lead Liaison's marketing automation platform, Lead Management Automation (LMA), and its CRM solution, OneFocus, allowing them to seamlessly capture, qualify, distribute, and nurture leads.

"The methods and flexibility in which we allow someone to capture a lead has grown. It is tailored around an event or a show," said Lead Liaison Solutions Specialist Chris Kipgen. "What sets us apart is the fact that we own all of these pieces, from the CRM to the automation, which can deliver different kinds of touch points, digital and offline. The fact that we are not integrating with systems we do not own really makes this experience stand out from our competitors. It's seamless."

GoCapture! initially will be available for iOS and Android devices. A Windows version will follow at a later date.

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