by Matt Alderton | April 09, 2013
INXPO, a Chicago-based provider of webcasting and virtual events technology, has launched a new, enhanced version of its video delivery platform, it announced today. An industry first, the new platform features an H.264 video format that allows organizations to stream high-definition-quality video to multiple viewers on both desktops and mobile devices without hogging bandwidth.

“INXPO’s enhanced platform gives organizations the ability to fully utilize all video assets, including live streaming, either via webcam or from a live venue, and recorded content from existing inventories and recently recorded videos,” reads a company news release. “Through this technology, marketers will be able to employ exciting and visually stimulating video content for their lead nurturing campaigns to target audiences.”

Starting immediately, the new video platform will support all of INXPO’s products, including the company’s Social Business TV (SBTV), which integrates traditional webcasts with interactive components such as polls, trivia, group chat, surveys and social media.

“Today’s marketers and company executives recognize the value of video to accelerate the sales funnel, but have been previously hampered by bandwidth issues that frequently have a negative impact on the user’s viewing experience,” says Rich Hawkinson, INXPO’s executive vice president of product services. “This newly enhanced platform enables organizations to deliver both new and archived video assets at the high-definition level of quality that was previously unimaginable, without clogging the network.”

According to INXPO, the H.264 video format improves the user’s viewing experience by providing the highest quality video possible without buffering or delays. It accomplishes this, the company explains, by delivering several HTTP streaming options, allowing the receiving device to select which rate to play based on bandwidth availability.

“Prior to this launch, the streaming of high-definition video would often lead to a decrease in network speed due to the large use of bandwidth by multiple users behind a single firewall or because of a low bandwidth location,” the company explains. “INXPO’s H.264 platform enhancement does not increase the strain on a network’s bandwidth and often streams at a lower consumption rate than other platforms.”

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