by Matt Alderton | March 22, 2018
Trade show floors are complicated puzzles: Getting all the pieces to fit in the right way and in the right places can be daunting. To make the process easier, event production company Freeman in 2009 introduced ShowPlans, a web-based floor plan management system, to the European, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets. Nearly a decade later, it's finally launching ShowPlans in the United States under the new name "Blueprint," it announced today.

According to Freeman, floor planning traditionally has been a time-consuming, manual, and error-prone process. Blueprint cures many of the headaches associated with the process by allowing exhibition organizers, sales teams, and event marketers to create, store, and easily update digital floor plans in the cloud to ensure everyone involved with the event has immediate access to the most current information.

"Blueprint takes a streamlined, yet comprehensive approach to address some of the complexities of planning a major show," said Richard Maranville, chief digital officer at Freeman. "We've designed Blueprint to quickly get each stakeholder -- from sales and marketing to technical teams and contractors -- exactly what they need, no matter where they are or what device they are using. Also, because the process is entirely digital, organizers can access significantly more data. This will enable them to quickly identify their most popular spaces and exhibitors, helping them to better optimize the planning process and bringing dramatic benefits to users throughout the trade show and event ecosystem."

Freeman also has introduced The Blueprint Pro system, an advanced option that adds the ability to embed digital floor plans into event websites to the benefit of prospective exhibitors and sponsors, as well as attendees. The former can access them in order to see real-time booth availability and book the space directly, while the latter can utilize them to more easily identify relevant booths to visit.

"The visual aspect of the Blueprint floor plan had a profound impact on our recurring booth sales," said Freeman customer Christian Thompson, event director of Breakbulk Americas. "Not only did it give exhibitors and attendees a comprehensive feel for what was available, it also showed us how popular our event is."

More information about Blueprint is available on Freeman's website.