by Matt Alderton | January 23, 2017

Event technology continues to grow at breakneck speeds. And with it, so grows the number of event technology suppliers, which with each new innovation becomes more difficult for meeting organizers to navigate and manage.

With that in mind, five event technology suppliers -- each with a different specialty -- have joined forces to make the sourcing process easier. Collectively called "The Event Tech Tribe," or the Tribe for short, the companies have decided to work together technically and at the client level to create an event-tech ecosystem that feels like an end-to-end solution but in reality is comprised of individual "best-in-craft" solutions.

Tribe members include mobile app provider ShowGizmo, registration platform Swoogo, onsite specialists TRC, content management system Hubb, and audience engagement platform Glisser, each of which will ensure that its service, technology, and data are integrated with those of its new partners.

"The raw potential of event technology has created an explosion of new companies and innovative products. But, this placed the burden of supplier coordination and integration of technologies on already overworked event planners," said ShowGizmo CEO Marie-Claire Andrews. "We aim to solve that -- making life easier -- saving time as well as money."

Added TRC founder and CEO Greg Lazzaro, "Ultimately, this is about excellent events. Building these strong relationships with key partners means we can continue to offer innovation after innovation. And the best bit is we're flexible, we're independent, and we're complementary. We can help whether you need to work with two of us or all of us."

The Tribe will launch with a webinar on Jan. 25, followed by a roadshow this spring during which member companies will make presentations to potential clients around the country.

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