by Matt Alderton | August 14, 2015
Meeting technology company Etouches has acquired Inevention, whose hotel and venue sourcing platform boasts a unique cost estimating tool that planners can use to estimate the total cost of their event at a given venue, including food and beverage, airfare, and ground transportation, all of which are calculated using factors such as seasonality, reviews, and historic rates.
The platform, which will be fully integrated with Etouches event management software, even includes a tool to help planners choose the best venue based on factors such as weather forecast.

"Etouches is one of the fastest growing event technology companies globally, and our enterprise clients are in demand of innovative and efficient solutions to address the challenges of building exceptional, value-maximized events year on year," said Etouches CEO Oni Chukwu. "Inevention will revolutionize venue and hotel RFP by combining with the solid strength of the existing Etouches event management platform, further optimizing the success of our customers on the millions of dollars they spend on events every year."

Added Michael Olson, co-founder of Inevention, "We are thrilled to join forces, and fully integrate Inevention, with a reputable industry leader like Etouches. The fully integrated product will offer planners a powerful 360-degree experience from sourcing to event ROI with one of the most versatile SaaS event management platforms globally."

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