by Matt Alderton | June 13, 2016
Mobile app developer DoubleDutch has updated its Live Engagement Platform with several new capabilities and enhancements, it announced last week.
A suite of applications designed to digitize live events, DoubleDutch's Live Engagement Platform provides real-time engagement metrics to event organizers so they can make program adjustments on the fly in order to increase audience response and activity. The platform's latest release includes the following new features:

• Event Copying and Templates: DoubleDutch now allows customers to manage numerous events within a single platform. Customers can easily recreate past events by copying content, surveys, polls, etc., and consistently repeating portions of the event in order to save time. In addition, the platform provides a variety of templates for specific event types (e.g., user conferences, sales kick-offs, trade shows, etc.) and offers layout recommendations to ensure success based on best practices.

• Smart Recommendations: The platform leverages smart algorithms to provide attendees with personalized recommendations for sessions they may want to attend and people they may want to network with.

• Attendee Meeting Scheduling: Attendees can now use the platform to schedule face-to-face meetings at events by requesting and accepting meetings, entering meeting details, choosing from mutually available timeslots, etc.

• Marketing Automation and CRM Integrations: The Live Engagement Platform captures behavioral data across a broad spectrum of event activities and distills that data into metrics and insights. Marketing and sales teams can use this data to understand the interests of each attendee, and personally respond in ways that inspire action. The data also can be transferred into an organization's marketing automation system, such as Marketo and Eloqua, or a CRM system, such as Salesforce, to score leads, trigger targeted campaigns based on activities, monitor prospect activity with alerts, and enable personalized sales follow-ups as the event happens.

"Organizations have long known the legendary power of live events," said Lawrence Coburn, CEO and founder of DoubleDutch. "However, three out of five marketers don't know the ROI of their event investments because there has never been a solution for them to engage and energize audiences or deliver measurable business outcomes to event owners and sponsors. Today's release makes the Live Engagement Marketing category accessible to marketing professionals and empowers them to digitize their events."

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