by Matt Alderton | October 08, 2014
Marriott Hotels wants to cut its customers' cords. It's therefore partnered with hospitality technology company Kube Systems to install portable wireless charging stations in the lobbies of 29 Marriott hotels this month, it announced yesterday.

The new "KS Portable" charging stations utilize Kube Systems' Qi technology, which allows compatible smartphones to charge simply by resting on top of the charging station. It can simultaneously power six Apple, Android, or Windows devices -- all without a power cord.

"You cannot travel brilliantly when you are running on empty," said Michael Dail, vice president, Marriott Hotels Marketing. "Through our collaboration with Kube Systems, we're providing an industry-leading solution to a common traveler worry, and now we're bringing it to Marriott Hotels across the country."

Added Kube Systems Vice President Dave Weinstein, "Leisure and business travelers have struggled for power on the road as battery technology has not kept pace with the demands of larger screens, faster processors, and more app-driven devices. A two-year development effort in collaboration with Marriott technologists has resulted in the KS Portable: a truly unique solution to charge virtually every mobile device on the market today, without the need for guests to carry cables or adaptors."

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