by Matt Alderton | December 27, 2012
The famed "Peabody Ducks" that parade every day across the grounds of the Peabody Little Rock will soon march off the property altogether, according to local newspaper the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which reported last week that the hotel will soon become a Marriott.

The conversion is the work of the Little Rock Advertising and Promotion Commission, which has approved a letter of intent to lease the hotel to Memphis-based Fairwood Capital LLC, which plans approximately $16 million in renovations for the 414-room property.

According to the Democrat-Gazette, attorneys for the Little Rock Advertising and Promotion Commission said they hope the lease will be signed in January. Meanwhile, hotel staff told the paper the transition to a Marriott would be complete sometime in early 2013.

The Peabody Little Rock opened in 2002 and is one of three Peabody hotels owned by the Belz family of Memphis. The hotel's sister properties in Memphis and Orlando will not be affected by the Arkansas deal.

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