by Andrea Doyle | February 04, 2019
Within the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, an innovative new event venue called the Hive has been unveiled to foster better collaboration and ROI for groups. Spanning 9,300 square feet, the Hive consists of an 80-seat auditorium informally named the Collaboratorium, and the Lab, which has 3,400 square feet of configurable space divided into three meeting rooms.
The Lab is an outgrowth of the ADNEC's Innovation Lab, an area originally designed for ADNEC staff gatherings. The three rooms, separated by floor-to-ceiling glass panels, each feature a different color palette, and even the texture of the floor, ceilings and walls differs from room to room. Multiple display screens, advanced sound and video systems, swinging chairs and a variety of other furniture on wheels are provided so room layouts can be transformed easily. Coffee breaks have been replaced with grab-and-go food offered continuously.
"Our view is that one-way dialogue, where a presenter lectures an audience, is losing its ability to compete with the distractions of mobile technologies," said Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri, group CEO of ADNEC. "The Hive is a significantly different environment, yet one that complements the existing conference and event facilities at ADNEC. It also gives us the opportunity to fully align with our clients' objectives and work together to enhance learning, engagement, innovation, networking, training and creativity."
In addition, the ADNEC has created the Meeting Format Directory for clients, offering suggestions for rearranging the different rooms and to help guide discussions to enrich the participant experience.