by Matt Alderton | May 09, 2017

Groups that visit the Caribbean typically enjoy warm ocean waters, soft sand, and a bevy of frozen beverages. Because attendees rarely venture beyond the confines of their resort, however, what their trip often is missing is a connection to local culture. The Bahamas' Atlantis, Paradise Island wants to change that. Yesterday, therefore, it launched a new effort to promote and preserve Bahamian history and culture by building a marketing platform through which to share it.

Called "Come to Life," the new platform is a studio formed in partnership with creative agency enso, which has formed a "shared mission coalition" with Atlantis, Paradise Island. Together, the two partners will nurture Bahamian people's oral and visual history by promoting the work of local artists and entrepreneurs in marketing materials for Atlantis and The Bahamas.

"The world has changed since Atlantis first opened. Businesses must now partner with their communities to achieve shared sustainable success," said Howard C. Karawan, president and managing director of Atlantis. "We needed to bring the soul and richness of our location and our people to the forefront. It already existed at Atlantis -- in our connection to the ocean, the marine life, and most importantly, embedded in each of our 7,500 associates. The stories were here, waiting to be told. We always knew Atlantis was in The Bahamas, but what we forgot is that The Bahamas is in Atlantis. By encouraging our team to share their stories and let their personalities shine, we have seen inspirational moments between the Bahamian spirit and our guests. In doing so we are imbuing our people, and Bahamians in general, with a sense of pride and empowerment."

"Come to Life" will showcase 15 Bahamian artists, musicians, and designers through various projects and media, the first of which is a 60-second "expression film" featuring a voiceover by Jeffrey Poitier, a native Bahamian actor, film director, and nephew of famous Bahamian Sidney Poitier, as well as music from the Roots Junkanoo Group and Bahamian Voices, two local music groups.

"The cultural and ecological gems within The Bahamas and at Atlantis have long been hidden from the world," Atlantis Chief Marketing Officer Lauren Snyder said of the film. "This film and the accompanying images are a platform to nurture a Bahamian renaissance."

A longer version of the film will be released later this month, and more projects -- marketing pieces co-created by Atlantis, enso, and the featured artists -- will follow.

"Atlantis has long been the home of many magical voices, stories, and memories," Snyder continued. "Through this shared mission creative studio, comprised of so many talented visionaries, we have simply turned the camera around."

Partnering with Atlantis and enso are ABC-TV, which will share local Bahamian stories across Good Morning America and ABC-owned TV stations, and iHeartMedia, which will curate music and sounds to play onsite at Atlantis and also will launch an "Atlantis Radio" station featuring Bahamian music on iHeartRadio.

"Enso's mission is impact as scale," concluded Kirk Souder, co-founder of enso. "And from my first talks with Howard Karawan over seven months ago about the potential for Atlantis to be a positive impact platform for the people of The Bahamas, we knew this was the opportunity of a lifetime. We're honored to help bring this vision to life and keep growing it from there."

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