The Top 10 Destinations on the Rise

By Kate Mulcrone

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At the end of last year TripAdvisor named 10 international destinations "on the rise" according to user reviews. We've included some stories to help you get started planning as well.

1. Plata del Mar, Argentina
Argentina's number-one beach resort is no longer just for Argentinians. Budget travelers from around the globe are flocking to Plata del Mar to enjoy ten miles of sandy beaches.

2. Sao Paulo, Brazil
South America's largest city is making a splash! Its food scene has received international acclaim in recent years.

3. Kiev, Ukraine
New and old run together in the Ukrainian capital, where you'll find both brand new museums and ninth century monastaries.

4. Montevideo, Uruguay
This South American port city boasts gorgeous Colonial architecture and tango clubs galore.

5. Perth, Australia
Perth has both beaches and fabulous nightlife. Visitors can even take a ferry to Rottnest Island for a taste of the Australian wilderness.

6. Mexico City, Mexico
Museums are the name of the game in this capital city. Start with the National Museum of Anthropology then move on to one of the city's Aztec ruins.

7. Hobart, Australia
This Tasmanian city has undergone a renaissance in recent years, with new cafes, restaurants, and art studios springing up in disused warehouses.

8. Guadalajara, Mexico
Sample the finest tequilas in Mexico and buy handicrafts in one of the city's many outdoor markets.

9. Moscow, Russia
Colorful Moscow has something for everyone, whether it's borscht or the nine-domed St. Basil's Cathedral.

10. Turin, Italy
Located in Italy's Piedmont region, Turin has wonderful restaurants and one of the largest collections of Egyptian artifacts anywhere in the world.

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