How to Steer Clear of Bad Employers

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By Matt Alderton

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In this economy, some job seekers are desperate. And understandably so. Not all employers are created equal, however. Before you say "yes," therefore, it's a good idea to remind yourself: You're not looking for a frog; you're looking for a prince.

"In these uncertain economic times, it may be tempting to jump at any job opening for which you're even remotely qualified," says U.S. News & World Report contributor Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, chief career writer and partner with CareerTrend. "While there are plenty of good companies out there still searching for qualified applicants, there are a few others that aren't so good."

Before you commence your next job search, Barrett-Poindexter advises, save yourself a lot of time, energy and heartache with these tips for researching — and avoiding — bad-apple employers:

Check job boards: "Does the company you're applying to constantly seem to have openings, particularly for the job you hope to obtain?" Barrett-Poindexter asks. "If so, this could be a sign of a high turnover rate."

Check with the Better Business Bureau: "This organization keeps tabs on customer and employee complaints and can be a great source of learning about whom you are dealing with," Barrett-Poindexter says.

Look for warning signs during the interview: "Does the interviewer seem overly anxious about having you start right away?" Barrett-Poindexter says. "Run for your life. Is the office sparsely furnished indicating the need to relocate operations quickly and easily? Get out. Is every question you ask answered with an emphatic 'Yes,' even the one about free ice cream Thursdays? Leave."

Check out companies on Glassdoor: "Read the Company Reviews section at to glean an employee's perspective on working at your target employer," Barrett-Poindexter advises. "The rich authenticity of these reviews is bolstered by the anonymous format, empowering you with an insider's look at more than 210,000 companies."

Use Google's search tools: "Conduct a variety of searches using the name of the company, as well as the company name, plus various other terms in your search string; e.g., 'ABC Widget,' or 'ABC Widgets + Scam,' or 'ABC Widgets + Lawsuit,' or 'ABC Widgets + Workplace,' or 'ABC Widgets + Awards,'" Barrett-Poindexter suggests.

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