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Hilton Settles Resort Fee Lawsuit

October 3, 2006

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Beverly Hills, CA -- Hilton Hotels has settled a class-action lawsuit accusing the company of improperly charging guests resort fees at 11 of its hotels.

Without admitting wrong-doing, Hilton agreed to discount resort fees at the properties by 75 percent until it has forgone 22.5 percent of the total resort fees collected prior to Jan. 1, 2004. The discount applies to all guests.

In addition, former guests who can provide documented proof that they stayed at any of the 11 hotels prior to Jan. 1, 2004 and paid the resort fee will receive full reimbursement.

Hilton last week e-mailed former guests notices regarding the settlement, and a notice of the settlement was also posted on the website,

The 11 hotels involved in the settlement are the following: Doubletree Golf Resort, in San Diego; Doubletree Surfcomber, in Miami; Doubletree Guest Suites Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando; Embassy Suites Deerfield Beach, in Deerfield Beach, FL; Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa, previously operated as the Doubletree Sedona, in Sedona, AZ; The Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, in Phoenix; The Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort, in Phoenix; Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort, in Waikoloa, Hawaii; Hilton Walt Disney World, in Orlando; Hilton Myrtle Beach, in Myrtle Beach, SC; and Hilton Palm Springs, in Palm Springs, CA.

The Hilton Palm Springs is a franchise operation belonging to Walter Hotel Corp., which was also a party to the settlement.

Originally filed in October 2002 in the circuit court of St. Clair County, IL, the lawsuit claimed that Hilton failed to notify guests of the resort fee when they reserved their rooms or at check-in.

In denying the allegations, Hilton said it informed guests at check-in about the resort fee and that the fee was optional.

A final approval hearing is scheduled for Nov. 14 at the St. Clair County Courthouse.
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