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National, State Destination Marketing Orgs Can Now Join DMAI

By Matt Alderton
March 22, 2012

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Previously available only to local and regional destination marketing organizations (DMOs), Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) has expanded its bylaws to make membership available to national, provincial and state tourism organizations, as well, it announced yesterday.

"We are excited to extend our membership to official destination marketing organizations of every level, from the largest country to the smallest town," said DMAI President and CEO Michael D. Gehrisch. "DMOs of every size from around the globe can benefit from DMAI membership, including access to extensive industry-specific resources and professional development and connecting with our vast network of destination marketing professionals."

According to DMAI, its membership bylaws now define an official DMO as "the principal organization of a given political division or subdivision (i.e., country, nation, province, state, region, metropolitan area, parish, borough, town, district, county or city) that is organized to promote its respective destination to attract visitors and/or to solicit and service conventions, and is authorized by its appropriate incorporated government entity as the representative of these functions."

"I am very pleased that DMAI is embracing National Tourism Organizations (NTOs) within its membership," said Eduardo Chaillo, executive director, Meetings Industry, for the Mexico Tourism Board. "DMAI is the perfect place to involve NTOs in the global discussion of cutting-edge destination marketing, knowledge and evolving business opportunities."

Added Chris Thompson, president of Visit Florida, "DMAI offers unsurpassed developmental and educational resources for destination marketing professionals and their organizations. Their marketing and networking opportunities provide productive platforms for all DMOs to celebrate and create best practices with peers."
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