by Tim Brown | December 18, 2015

Since this is my last Strategic Perspective post of 2015, I wanted to share this year's edition of my "A Meeting Planner's Christmas," which celebrates the wonderful world of meeting planning.

"A Meeting Planner's Christmas"

Another year-end onslaught of meeting and event deadlines
Completing everything is a long shot, I must confess
Of course, my boss keeps adding all these new projects
And yes, expecting me to "do more with less"

I am thinking about all these pending hotel contracts
If I get them all signed, I will really be on a roll
Although I do expect a barrage of phone calls
Hoteliers "dialing for dollars" to reach their year-end goal

My VP is pushing for me to complete my 2016 meeting budget
When he sees the line item increases, he will think I am wrong
But let's face it, we are in this red-hot seller's market
With hotel occupancy, room rates and RevPar super strong

But it's the CFO that must approve all meeting expenses
I would rather not face his scrutiny, if I had my druthers
He is totally focused on finding ways to cut my meeting budget
You guessed it, he "throws nickels around like manhole covers"!

My success is based on delivering meeting value and ROI
Achieving stakeholder goals and objectives is a must
Added meeting value, cost savings, attendee engagement
Is the best way to grow my brand and build loyalty and trust

I am totally committed to growing my skills and education
My primary focus is on my career, unless I win big on the lotto
So I am attending a lot of industry workshops and webinars
With "educate or deteriorate" my lifelong motto

Yes, I am learning to become much more strategic
Elevating my company, and me, to a better place
Finding innovative ways to deliver stakeholder value
Going way, way beyond "dates, rates and space"

I am knee deep in post-meeting cost analysis
With more projects and stress levels starting to mount
And I am keeping a big bottle of Advil close by
Anticipating the massive hotel master account

I get to work with great colleagues and suppliers
Team collaboration does help everyone's attitude
And provides me a great sense of accomplishment
And a heart overflowing with fulfillment and gratitude

OK, it's time to start thinking about the Christmas season
Time with family, good friends and holiday cheer
And I will defer all these meeting management details
Until early in January, with no regret...or fear

I have a crazy and multi-tasking job description
Doing things right takes lots and lots of work
So extra "down days" during the Christmas holidays
Is a well-deserved perk

Christmas is a time to reflect, rejoice, and reconnect
Sharing the gift of caring, camaraderie, being kind
Clearly, giving is much more satisfying than receiving
Very good for the heart, soul, body, and mind

For me, another year of many, many blessings
Working with people that I hold in high esteem
Including writing my monthly Strategic Perspective
For Vince and his talented Successful Meetings team

So let me sum up my wide range of holiday emotions
To give thanks and share this heartfelt point of view
Wishing you a life of joy, good health, and fulfillment
Much happiness and a very Merry Christmas to you!

Have a wonderful holiday season and look for my Strategic Perspective to resume in January!

*   *   *

Tim Brown is CEO of Meeting Sites Resource. MSR is a global strategic meetings management solutions organization with a 20-year track record of meeting excellence. This includes global hotel sourcing and custom contract negotiations, professional meeting support services, SMM consulting and advanced meeting technology.
Tim contributes articles to industry trade publications and speaks at many industry events. MSR also designs custom strategic education for planning and procurement teams. MSR is a recognition recipient of Meeting Professionals International's Golden Paragon Award, MPI's highest recognition for meeting excellence.
For a complimentary copy of Tim's "Meeting Value & ROI Analysis," contact him at [email protected]