by Andrea Doyle | December 2, 2015

Chef Jon Lovitch has won a Guinness World Record for the largest GingerBread village for the third consecutive year, with his GingerBread Lane, a village of 1,120 structures located at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, New York. Lovitch was victorious over his biggest competitor, Steinar Kristoffersen, the manager of Pepperkakebyen (GingerBread village) in Bergen, Norway.

With true sportsmanship, Pepperkakebyen will honor Lovitch at their annual awards ceremony in Bergen, Norway. Lovitch, in turn, will honor the international exchange by bringing a GingerBread version of New York City's Chrysler Building, to be added to the Norway village.

Acknowledged as the "largest GingerBread village in the world" by the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Guinness World Records, GingerBread Lane 2015 covers 500 square feet with 1,120 houses and structures including a double-decker Coney Island-style carousel and the S.C. Kringle & Co. Department Store, evoking Gimbels in the early 1900s. GingerBread Lane 2015 also has new twists like The Pumpkin Spice Latte Coffee Shoppe, The EveryDay's Thanksgiving Café, two trains, and a candy factory.

Made entirely of edible gingerbread, Lovitch's village takes a full year to develop and complete, requiring approximately 1,500 hours of labor. The village weighs approximately 1.5 tons and has an estimated 3,900 pounds of icing, 775 pounds of candy from 11 different countries, and 682 pounds of gingerbread dough.

As a grand finale, Lovitch will give away all houses on January 10, 2016 and will also ship houses to children unable to visit due to illness or other personal situations.

The 2015 version of GingerBread Lane is on display through January 10, 2016 at The New York Hall of Science.