by Andrea Doyle | May 28, 2013


Arthur Backal, CEO and founder of Backal Management Group and operator of Apella, an event and conference center that can accommodate up to 300 guests in New York City, has compiled a list of Apella’s top seven food and beverage trends.

1. Healthy Power Break Options - “Stay Fit” thematic breaks, with healthy food and beverage choices like trail mix, fruit, and green tea instead of cookies and coffee.
2. Eco-friendly Meetings – Filtered water in re-useable Apella glass bottles.
3. Healthy Menu Options – While all food and beverage served at Apella is catered by Riverpark, a Tom Colicchio Restaurant, healthy options are available in every menu choice like salads, vegetarian options, sandwiches on whole wheat/multi-grain bread, Greek yogurt, whole and sliced fruit, and blueberry smoothies.
4. Mixology Trends – Infused cocktails with natural elements like beet- infused vodka and mustard-infused white rum.
5. Organic Wine and Beer - Organic options are expanding to the bar with micro-distilled liquor and organic wine.
6. Wine Pairing or Mixology programs – These are becoming increasingly popular for teambuilding.
7. Superfoods – This category of food that is calorie sparse and nutrient dense is finding its way onto an increasing number of meeting menus. Superfoods have high levels of antioxidants and include fruits and vegetables like broccoli, blueberries, and spinach.