by Kate | August 28, 2012

It may be the clean mountain air and towering peaks or the physically fit people who seem to gravitate toward the city, but Denver is definitely a destination where you want to get outside. 

That’s exactly what many of the 41 planners and suppliers who were in town for Successful Meetings University Colorado did although they weren’t hiking or strolling, or exactly biking. They were pedal hopping. 

What is a pedal hopper you may ask? It’s a bicycle built for 16, that’s what. The cycle cruises at an average speed of five to eight miles an hour and creates quite a stir.

Not only did Colorado DMC Destination Services Corporation arrange for the pedal hoppers but the company planned a scavenger hunt as well. Each group pedaled from place to place in downtown Denver collecting points along the way. Photos had to be taken along the route and e-mailed to Destination Services Corporations’ Facebook page. 

Trivia questions included: How many days of sun does Denver have each year? (300) What is the oldest hotel in Denver and what year was it opened? (The Oxford in 1891) What is used to plate the dome on the Capital Building? (24 karat gold to commemorate the Colorado Gold Rush)
Challenges included scoring over 300 points in a game of Skee Ball, a task that this Jersey girl excelled at. 

Beer is booming in Denver and the city is packed with brewpubs serving ice-cold ales, stouts, and lagers. Two stops on the hunt featured the city’s great beer.

The team I was on won (Yesssss!) but everyone who took part in this unique activity were winners as everyone got to know each other on a whole other level and isn’t that what building team camaraderie is all about?

- Andrea Doyle